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How do I post an audio tweet?

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How do I post an audio tweet?

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I’ve shared before on the Business Storytelling Podcast how audio is much easier to create than video. I also love how audio content – including audio tweets – show people’s personality more than the written word.

It’s hard to hide sounding rude, stuck up or know-it-all.

On the flip side if you sound personable on an audio recording that’s a winner. That’s one reason I’ve been a fan of live audio streams on Twitter. As far as I can tell Twitter has been the only social media network to have that feature.

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Along the lines of the importance of audio content, Twitter has now rolled out audio Tweets.

Here’s the first one I published on the Twitter account associated with my travel site.

How do I know I have audio tweets available?

I have two Twitter accounts I use myself. One doesn’t have audio Tweets yet. When I open the iPhone app to create a post it looks like this:

My other account has the feature available and it’s available in the content asset bar – the waves on the left.

How to create an audio tweet

Once clicked, I can record an audio clip that is then posted as an audio tweet.

From there you simply add hashtags or anything else you want to write out. Push tweet to publish like for any other tweet.

Are audio tweets worth it?

Of course the question always arises whether or not it’s worth using all these new features. In this case the video had 22 views immediately which is about a 50% conversion from impressions. So 44 people saw the tweet and 22 watched the video.

One problem with the current setup is that you have to record directly in the Twitter app. So you can’t currently hack up audio from a podcast and publish it as an audio tweet for example. In other words it can’t be used as another way to publish your podcast audiograms.

Audio tweets also don’t appear to be saving to your phone so it’s truly unique content to Twitter and you can’t use that same clip anywhere else or import audio from outside the app.

Nonetheless, if you have the audio tweet feature available why not give it a try for certain updates that come across well in audio format. That could be:

  • A short soundbite from a company expert
  • A quick update
  • A short preview of published content elsewhere
  • Other content that comes across well through the spoken word

When it comes to Creating Once, Publishing Everywhere you could record audio from another content asset playing on your computer and then upload it as an audio tweet.

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